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Program and Activities



Organized South Asia Fund Raising Workshop in collaboration with South Asian Fund Raising Group (SAFRG)


B.S 2051

Organized a workshop in Adoption Procedure and Improvements needed in Adoption in collaboration with member organization.

Organized a workshop on Problems of Child Missing and its Solution.

Organized a workshop on Need of Coordination Child Programs.


B.S 2053

Organized a two day Child Rights and Child Development Exhibition 1997.

Organizations affiliated to CNFN exhibited their products on the related subject.


B.S 2055

Made a research study on increasing child labor and presented the status report to the concerned agency.

Organized a workshop on Role of NGOs towards Imprisoned Children and Use of Child Act in Present Context.


B.S 2056

Organized a workshop on “Problems of Child Sex Abuse and ways to eradicate them”.

Gave recommendations during the formation of Non-governmental Social Development Organization Act of BS 2058.

Presentation of Memorandum to all political parties requesting them to clearly mention their policy regarding children in their election manifestos.

Presentation of Memorandum appealing to prepare an Action Plan for 9th Five Year Plan incorporating special programs for children in the national plan.

Considering the existing political scenario of the country. Child NGO Federation-Nepal had held 5 regional level one day workshops on “Constituent Assembly, New Constitution and Child Rights” in 5 developments regions of the country.

Based on the outcome and recommendations of these 5 workshops, CNFN will hold 1 national level one day workshop in Kathmandu in near future of the country. The outcome and the recommendation from this national level workshop will be the main guidelines to develop a national consensus on incorporating various issues related to child rights and social security in the forthcoming new Constitution of the country. Similarly, in joint collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MWSCW), and Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) as the other organizing members and Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO) is holding a 3 day 1st International Conferences on Inter-country Adoption (ICA) in Kathmandu form 11-13 March 2007.

Some of the Achievements so far

1. Organized various National Workshops on “UN Rights of Child”.
2. Organized National Seminar for NGOs on the selective topics from time to time.
3. Two Exhibitions of various member/non-member NGOs/INGO’s activities in Kathmandu under one roof one making NGOs familiar with one another.

4. Several talk programs organized for NGOs about their experiences and to make them familiar with various issues of child education, protection, health issues and the issues of girl trafficking and street children.

5. Participated in programs of member organizations in issues of prisoner’s children and the children convicts in the prisons of Nepal.

6. Participation in Investigation Committee for misuses of children (child abuses) in the Children Homes in Kathmandu Valley, committee constituted by Women, Child & Social Welfare Ministry.

7. Participated in South Asia Fund Raising Group Workshops.
8. Have organized two Fund Raising Workshops for the benefit of local NGOs.
9. Participated in various National Reading Campaign programs since last three years.

10. Furthermore, we are working for the Amendment of the Children’s Act-2048 with the co-operation of various NGOs/INGO’s along with the help of experts and social scientists for making the children’s Act more practical and effective along with workshops for amendments in articles in various Acts affecting Nepali Children.

11. We have been publishing CNFN Bulletins (occasional paper) along with NGO/INGO Profile working for the welfare of Nepali Children.

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May 29, 2015
Children of the Universe orphanage, we shared moments with the children and majority of them, what we found were participative in every activities.
May 28, 2015

Visit to OCCED orphanage for psychological trauma counselling. Some children here were participative while some were shy. We tried to make them extrovert and we will pay a visit shortly again in this orphanage.

May 24, 2015

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